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Slacking Like a Hacker

24 November 2014 - Berkeley, California

All programmers slack off. While some programmers can get in the zone consistently with no distractions at all, others constantly feel an urge to check their email every five minutes, read facebook feed updates, new twitter messages, watch youtube videos… This list goes on and on. While slacking for programmers is a part of their creative process, there are better ways to do it. I call it “slacking like a hacker”.

Next time you feel an urge to slack off for a bit, consider doing one of the following instead:

These are just some ideas, use them to create your own list, print it out, put it on your desk and use it next time you feel the urge. Go through the list in order and pick something that is exciting to you at the moment. If nothing from the list interests you, then satisfy the urge.

This simple exercise will make you more productive, happier and you’ll learn a lot. It will make you a better programmer and, hopefully, a better person.

Are you ready to slack like a hacker?