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Igor Kuplevich

My name is Igor Kuplevich. I live in New York City and work as a software engineer at a quantitative hedge fund. I like solving problems and mastering skills http://climberig.com/skills (it’s a good read). I enjoy hard work and thrive when faced with difficulties.

As an engineer, I have created many projects used by millions of people every day. I’ve done some cool things outside of work too http://climberig.com/off-work.

After more than a decade in the software industry, I have a couple things to say about software, engineers, interviews, motivation, etc http://climberig.com/misc-eng.

I sometimes solve programming puzzles and participate in programming contests

Project Euler


Java, Python, Javascript, Ruby, Bash. If I can solve a problem using a pencil and paper, it is ideal (no need to maintain code). I try to use the best tools for the job. If it means learning a new language, framework, paradigm, etc., so be it.



I graduated from Belarussian State University (best university in Belarus) in 2008 with Masters in Mathematics. Additionally, I took computer science classes and have worked as a software engineer since I was 19 years old.

Memorable Software Projects